Our Story

Some developed countries with good health care systems and a large ageing population have adopted a policy of aiming to reach the age of 80 with at least 20 functional teeth.

Dr Anand wants to promote the same policy to our patients. He believes 20 functional teeth at the age of 80 will contribute to 80% of their well-being, confidence, nutrition and health. If you have 80% of your teeth, you could experience a better quality of life, the ability to chew more confidently and maintain nutrition to be reduced to 20%. This is Extreme Dentistry’s 80/20 rule.

This message is very important for everyone, but especially those in their 50-60s who should be forward planning for retirement, health and quality of life. We want to do our part. We want you to reach 80 with confidence. If you have already made it to 80 and are struggling, we want to help you.