Mission Statement

Through dentistry, to enrich the quality of life of those we serve and those around us so we may all eat well, look well and feel well.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to become a leading dental provider and set benchmarks for patient experience and quality of service in Northern Territory.

Our 10 Commandments

Our core values encompass our operating philosophy and principles that guide us in our daily actions and decisions as well as our interactions with others.

1) Peace of Mind

We will not do unto you, what we would not like done unto ourselves.

2) Excellence

We will strive for excellence in every aspect of dentistry to provide you with the utmost quality and care, effectively and efficiently.

3) Respect

We will respect you, your ideas, your values, opinions and decisions.

4) Holistic

We appreciate everyone is unique, and our approach will be tailored to you as an individual.

5) Innovation

We will always adopt a progressive and innovative approach in line with global advances in dentistry.

6) Honesty

We will maintain open, honest and ethical communication with you at all times.

7) Hospitality

We will provide you with a warm, welcoming and generous reception as our valued guest.

8) Environment

We will ensure clinical high standards to provide you with a safe, hygienic and happy environment.

9) Education

We will continue to refine out skills through education, research and experience.

10) Professionalism

We will exercise sound judgement and knowledge combined with clinical reasoning and skills to provide you with professional and positive outcomes..