Porcelain Veneers Darwin

Porcelain veneers are a fast and effective way to enhance your smile

At Extreme Dentistry in Darwin, we offer high-quality veneers to help improve our patient’s smiles. Veneers are an incredibly popular choice of cosmetic dentistry because of their flawlessly natural looking results. Also because of their incredible convenience as a simplistic and virtually hassle-free treatment! We use porcelain veneers that are strong, durable and long lasting – with good care your veneers should last up to 10 years.

What are porcelain veneers?

They are essentially thin shells that are custom made to the specific dimensions of your teeth. We use highly durable composite resin. You can choose to have veneers bonded on one tooth or multiple teeth depending on your individual needs and preferences. While they cannot treat all dental issues, they are a great option for concealing:

  • Gaps
  • Chips
  • Cracks
  • Discolouration
  • Crooked or misaligned teeth

Please note that resin veneers do not respond to teeth whitening treatments. Therefore, if you are wanting to have whiter teeth, we suggest that you undergo teeth whitening treatment prior to receiving veneers so that the shade of veneers can match the rest of your teeth.

Porcelain veneers procedure

Dr Anand offers two types of veneers to his Darwin patients; paint on veneers and one visit veneers.

Paint On Veneers

Dr Anand offers a unique treatment called ‘paint on veneers’, a procedure that can create a whitened result in just the one visit. It has proven to be a cost-efficient and time-effective solution for your dental needs!

Porcelain veneers require a small amount of preparation to your natural tooth enamel, as they need to be permanently attached to the front of the teeth. This typically requires a small amount of the tooth’s surface to be removed in preparation. The veneers are then attached to the anterior surface of your natural teeth using a dental curing light.

One Visit Veneers

Extreme Dentistry also offers a unique treatment that allows you to improve the aesthetics of your smile in just one visit. We use the highly innovative CEREC machine, which designs and produces ceramic restorations in a single appointment. This is highly beneficial for patients for many reasons, including:

  • Digital imaging removes the need for unpleasant impression materials
  • There is no need for temporary prosthesis
  • Only one appointment is required
  • Little to no difference can be detected between veneers and your natural teeth

This innovative technology makes Dr Anand one of the most efficient and reliable dentists in Darwin. He understands that keeping up-to-date with the latest technology creates efficiencies for his clinic and improves the comfort of his patients. To learn more about this procedure please click here.

Benefits of veneers

  • They provide a natural appearance
  • Porcelain veneers are stain-resistant
  • The colour of the veneers can be chosen to your preferences
  • They don’t require dental surgery
  • With the right dental care, they don’t negatively impact your oral health

If you are ready to take control of your smile for a heightened facial aesthetic, at Extreme Dentistry in Darwin we are dedicated to helping you achieve your smile desires. For more information on veneers or to arrange a consultation, fill out our online form or call 08 8948 1225 today!



Any quote of the price you get without being examined is just an estimate, not the true amount. The cost of porcelain veneers depends on the individual patient, the amount of work that needs to be done on the teeth, and the materials that will be used. In order to get the true cost of veneers, it’s critically important for the dentist to actually see the patient, examine the state of their teeth and determine the best course of treatment.

Worn down teeth can be repaired, but not naturally. One of the treatments we offer to patients is the rehabilitation of worn-down teeth, which we do with restorative dentistry measures. If the patient’s teeth enamel is completely worn down, it can’t be naturally restored so we have to use veneers and other restorative measures.

In order to determine how much your veneers will cost, many details have to be taken into consideration. These include the type of veneers the patient wants, the oral anatomy of the patient, the choice of the materials used, the current shape of the teeth, and the desired shape, alignment, and shade of the original teeth.

Dental veneers deliver fantastic transformations when it comes to the aesthetics of your teeth. Sometimes patients with crooked teeth may wish to have a smile that appears straighter – this can be achieved with dental veneers. Not only can they deliver straighter smiles, but more balanced ones too. Sometimes malformed teeth or teeth that range in size can affect how balanced your smile appears, this can be corrected by simply placing some dental veneers. An added bonus of this treatment is that you may choose the shade of your veneers, meaning that not only can your smile appear straighter and more balanced, but whiter too!

No. Some people in an effort to save money or to avoid visiting the dentist will attempt to perform their own restorations at home. If these restorations were successful, there would be no need for the field of restorative dentistry! If you are trying to repair and fix teeth at home with household products such as superglue, think twice! Not only are these methods dangerous, but they are not stable and can actually damage your teeth! Rather make an appointment with a dentist who offers restorative treatments who can effectively, and reliably restore your teeth.

They are essentially thin shells that are custom made to the specific dimensions of your teeth. We use highly durable composite resin. You can choose to have veneers bonded on one tooth or multiple teeth depending on your individual needs and preferences.

Composite veneers last 7-10 years but they will need stringent oral hygiene and regular dental visits to maintain, they don’t work out well for heavy smokers/coffee drinkers as they pick up stains much easier. Ceramic on the other hand have been seen to go for 10-15 years in some cases. For those who have habit of grinding teeth, veneers may wear down quicker than usual.

Ceramic remains colour stable over the life and is somewhat stronger than composite resin. However, they still prone to failure in certain individuals.


Correction of minor misaligned teeth, improve aesthetics, colour, shape and size. Fix up the smile.

In some cases none, as in contact sense veneers, and in some cases up to 1mm if the tooth really has to be set back in line with the other teeth.

A crown is used to help restore and strengthen the original tooth’s structure by completely covering the whole surface of the tooth, and can also be used for aesthetic reasons. Veneers are usually used to improve a patient’s smile and will only cover part of the original tooth. A crown is full coverage restoration while a veneer is just a face.

Yes, veneers get stained, composite veneers are famous for that, like I said earlier they are plastic-based, resin-based, they will eventually yellow.

The resin in the mouth also ages due to:


1 – Water break down in the mouth

2 – Oxidation as it gets older

3 – Because the veneers are made in the mouth with layers upon layers, there are small gaps between these different layers which tends to easily collect stains and get discoloured very quickly as they age.


Resin-based veneers are harder to keep clean at the edges and margins, they look good initially, but they don’t look good for too long in my opinion. But they do still have their advantages over ceramic veneers.

Yes, there’s no reason you can’t get Invisalign after veneers. Teeth tend to drift apart, Invisalign will correct these issues.

composite veneers tend to last a long time; we often see in clinical practice composite veneers that have been placed as far back as 10 years.


There is a vast difference between composite veneers lasting vs how long it looks good. CRV can last as long as 10 years, the appearance of the veneers can vary depending on the level of care taken of the veneers.

As long as a veneer is sealed and hasn’t leaked the tooth under the veneer should look how it did when the veneer was first placed.


If it was a prep-less veneer, meaning there was no reduction to the enamel of the tooth and you just had the veneer put on, then in theory you could have the veneer removed or very carefully removed and have the tooth returned to its original state.


If it was a ceramic veneer the tooth will look like how it looked after the tooth was prepared, usually with a ceramic veneer the tooth has a finish line that one has to produce so that the ceramist knows where to finish his veneer. So, if you take the veneer off the finish line will be visible. And the surface that was shaved back, so ceramic veneers in that sense is not reversible.

Yes, you need to think outside the box for that, but it depends on how many teeth are missing. You can have veneers on the other teeth and the missing tooth can be treated with an implant or two veneers that join together converted into a 3-unit bridge, this would take some ingenuity.

To a certain degree, veneers work well for crooked teeth, but every case needs to be assessed carefully on its degree of crookedness. The areas of teeth that are sticking out of the curve of the smile will need to be cut back or reduced. Therefore, they can be resurfaced with the veneers to give us the illusion of a nice straight smile.


But if the teeth are extremely crooked and need to be shaved down more than half the tooth down you need to re-evaluate whether the foundation of the teeth needs to be straightened to give us a nice solid foundation to work with. Veneers aren’t always the answer to crooked teeth.

80% of the veneers that we do have lasted 10 years, this means 20% of the veneers that we’ve done often suffer, they’re either coming off, chipping or fracturing. In that case, the one or two veneers that may suffer that ill consequence will need to be replaced, but it will be shocking if all 6 or 8 veneers that you had done come off in the first two years, that would be a real problem which shouldn’t happen.

Veneers are not any more expensive than crowns, the true answer depends on the quality of veneers that you’re seeking, if you’re seeking a flat white Hollywood white type of smile, these are cheap, but if you want a well-designed smile, art, the lab fee for the fabrication will be 10 times more than an average crown.

Veneers are usually done by dentists, not orthodontists. Some dentists have trained and studied and taken part in postgraduate education to be able to do veneers that look great vs other dentists who prepare the teeth or shape the teeth and simply send them off to an offsite lab to have the veneers made without any regard for the face shape of the individual, therefore the veneers come back looking very generic. You should choose carefully who takes a drill to your teeth.

In essence, you can say that they’re not full teeth, they are like book covers, like stickers, you still have your real teeth, and the veneers just go over that. Veneers only cover the outer side of the teeth and they do not aid in the function of the teeth; they are purely aesthetic.

When you have nice teeth, with good healthy enamel, then I would suggest Invisalign to fix the mild crowding with orthodontic treatments. At the end of the treatment, even if it is a long investment, at the end this will keep your natural vibrant smile.

CEREC veneers are a highly durable and long-lasting cosmetic dental solution. Made of high-quality ceramic materials, they have the potential to last for many years with proper care. With regular dental checkups and a commitment to good oral hygiene, CEREC veneers can help you achieve a beautiful, confident smile for many years to come.

CEREC is a revolutionary technology in dentistry that offers patients the convenience and comfort of having their dental restorations, such as crowns, bridges, inlays, and onlays, created in just one appointment. With CEREC, dentists can use digital impressions and milling to create precise, high-quality restorations, providing patients with a faster and more comfortable experience compared to traditional methods. This innovative technology has changed the face of modern dentistry and made it easier and more accessible for people to get the dental care they need.

CEREC restorations are a great investment in your oral health as they offer a durable and long-lasting solution. With proper care and regular dental checkups, CEREC restorations can provide a beautiful smile for many years, often lasting between 5 and 15 years or more. So, you can enjoy the benefits of a restored smile with confidence and ease.