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Dental Technician Job Darwin

Extreme Dentistry is looking for a highly experienced and enthusiastic dental assistant to join our team to provide the highest standard of dental care.

We are happy to consider sponsorship for a work permit for any overseas qualified dentists and/or dental nurses who would still like to apply.

Role Overview

A dental technician designs, fabricates, repairs and adjust various dental appliances under the supervision and direction of a dental operator. They are non-registered professionals who work from a written prescription and direct communication with the dentist. The combined expertise of the technician and dentist is needed to ensure that quality outcomes are achieved for the patients.

A dental technician performs a variety of duties around the fabrication of fixed and removable dental appliances. The duties of a dental technician include, however are not limited to, receiving and interpret verbal and/or written orders from a dentist, making plaster and stone models of the mouth and teeth from impressions that have been taken by a dentist, fabricating custom impression trays for the dentist to use, building wax-up, replicating the jaw positions using models on an articulator, fabricating appliances using casting, CAD/CAM and/or thermoforming equipment, and fabricating or repairing dentures.

The annual salary range will be $55,000-$60,000 AUD.

Key Duties/Responsibilities

  • Receive and interpret written orders from a dentist;
  • Make plaster and storm models of the mouth and teeth from impressions that have been taken by a dentist;
  • Fabricate custom impression trays for a dentist to use;
  • Build up wax replicas of part or all of the mouth and or teeth on model;
  • Replicate the jaw positions using models on articulating equipment;
  • Fabricate appliances using casting, CAD/CAM and thermoforming equipment;
  • Use direct vision to record tooth shades;
  • Arrange artificial teeth for full or partial dentures;
  • Use manual skills to construct ceramic restorations;
  • Design and construct fixed and removable acrylic and metal orthodontic appliances;
  • Polish and finish all work prior to being placed in the patient’s mouth; and
  • Reline, repair or modify full or partial dentures.
  • Follow decontamination procedures for infection control;
  • Clean and sterilize the instruments as required after use; and
  • Clean the lab in accordance with the practice’s policies and procedure.

Other Duties/Responsibilities

  • Provide the practice with administrative assistance, including the maintenance and re-stock of dental and office supplies;
  • Undertake reception and customer service duties, including, but not limited to, answering the telephone and carrying out general office duties, when there is no lab work to be carried out.

Skills & Experience

Required qualifications include:

  • High School Certificate or equivalent and on the job training; or
  • Diploma in Dental Technology or equivalent experience.

Required experience includes:

  • Experience with acrylic dentures, implant restorations, and ceramic work is preferred.

Required skills include:

  • Excellent communication ad interpersonal skills;
  • Proven ability to be punctual, reliable and multitask;
  • Proficiency in English;
  • Must have the right to work in Australia;
  • Computer literate;
  • Excellent time management and organization skills;
  • Proven ability to maintain patients and business confidentiality;
  • Understanding of oral anatomy and dental terminology; and
  • Ability to carry out key duties addressed above with minimum supervision.


The below competencies describe some of the key outcomes that are to be achieved in the role and may be used to set the performance standards against which the employee will be assessed during their employment.

  1. Communication with Dentist and the Dental Team

Ensures effective communication with the dentist to provide treatment and develops good working relationships with the Dental Team.

  1. Fabrication of various lab work as instructed by the dentist

By following written and verbal instructions given by the dentist, produce lab work as required.

  1. Decontamination and Infection Control

Ensures that infection control practices are applied.

  1. Clinical records

Keeps accurate and complete clinical records and ensures records are consistent with requirements under relevant legislation.

  1. Equipment maintenance

Maintains practice equipment and instruments as directed.

  1. Continuing Education and Development

Participates in Continuing Education and develops professional competence.

  1. Office Administration

When required assists office staff in the execution of their duties.

Personal Competencies

  1. Attention to Detail

Always demonstrates attention to detail and accuracy.

  1. Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Demonstrates the ability to professionally interact with individuals in all areas of work.

  1. Cooperation and Teamwork

The ability to work with others toward shared goals of the Dental Team. Establishes collaborative relationships with others in the practice.

  1. Direction

Accepts the clinical direction of the Dentist or operator.

  1. Listening Skills

Demonstrates active listening skills and gives complete attention to what the dentist and colleagues are saying. Asking appropriate questions and taking time to understand recommendations and points made by others.

  1. Critical Thinking Skills

Demonstrates the ability to think critically using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or differing approaches to problem solving.

  1. Professionalism and Work Ethic

Demonstrates a strong work ethic by placing a high value on performing work diligently, as well as respecting others and functioning with integrity.

  1. Confidentiality

Adhere to our confidentiality agreement and maintain patient and business confidentiality.

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