Our Patient Assurance

Extreme Dentistry Customer Care

When a treatment results in further complications or fails, we make our best efforts to ensure our patients are taken care of.

With over 20 years of dental experience, we know that sometimes treatments don’t always go to plan. That’s why we have the following policy regarding repeated treatments or the failure of treatment.

Although we take the utmost care and responsibility for the patient during the procedure to achieve a good outcome, there is a chance that we will face the unfortunate outcome of failure.

In the case of failures with fillings, crowns, bridges or veneers, we will replace them with 12 months for free. If it is outside the 12-month window, the world’s best and most expensive electronics will not cover any of the warranty.

However, if the treatment requires nursing, we will provide them at half the cost. Please note that this is only applicable to those who present themselves every 6 months for check-ups as well as maintenance.

Unfortunately, there is nothing that we can do that will last forever except for extractions.

In cases of complex surgical procedures like bone or soft tissue grafting, we hold a moral obligation to look after you through our reviews and check-ups until we are happy with the outcome. There may be a need for revision surgery or additional procedures.  For these cases, the cost of materials is worked out and passed onto the patient.

This is a guide only. In some cases, Dr Anand may use his discretion to deal with unfortunate outcomes as he sees best.