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Are you suffering from a broken tooth, inflammation of a wisdom tooth, severe bleeding, gum abscess or has your tooth been knocked out?

If you are suffering from one of these, you are suffering from a dental emergency which requires attention from a dentist.

How to know if it’s a dental emergency?

People associate a dental emergency with pain, however during dental emergencies, not all people will suffer from immense pain.

Generally, if you are suffering a genuine dental emergency, one of the following would apply to you:

  • Experiencing severe prolonged pain.
  • Bleeding inside the mouth.
  • Suffering from an infection.
  • Loss of a tooth.
  • Teeth are becoming loose.

How to handle common dental emergencies:

Knocked out tooth

This usually happens due to contact sports and the use of a custom fitted mouthguard can help reduce the chances of having a tooth knocked out.

However if you suffer from a knocked out tooth, it’s important to get to the dentist within the first hour for the best chances of saving the tooth.

Before arriving at the dentist, make sure you carefully pick the tooth up by the crown, do not touch the roots, and gently wash the tooth under water and then place into a container filled with milk.

Gum abscess

Abscesses can turn serious pretty quickly as the infection can spread and be life threatening.

Make sure to call the dentist as soon as you notice something is wrong. Generally symptoms will include a gum infection, high fever, toothache, agitated lymph nodes in the neck and a noticeable lump in the infected area.

Please wash your mouth out with warm salty water multiple times before visiting the dentist as it helps relieve pain and can assist in bringing pus to the surface.

Cracked or broken tooth

This usually occurs while biting down onto something hard such as ice, or by suffering trauma to the mouth.

Please wash your mouth out with warm salty water and apply a cold pack to the affected area. Feel free to also take pain relief if needed.

Contact the dentist to book in for an emergency appointment as soon as possible.

Laceration inside mouth

If you happen to suffer a laceration or dangerous cut inside your mouth, please stay calm and visit the nearest emergency room at a hospital.

However, remember to book in at Extreme Dentistry for a followup appointment.

What isn’t a dental emergency?

It’s important to identify dental emergencies, but it’s also important to identify what’s not a dental emergency.

Non-emergencies include:

  • Mild toothaches without other symptoms.
  • Chipped tooth that’s not painful.
  • Loss of a filling.
  • Discolouration of teeth.

These issues, along with other not life threatening dental problems should be dealt with during a regular dental appointment.

Contact Extreme Dentistry for an emergency dental appointment

If you are suffering from a dental emergency, please contact the friendly and experienced dental team at Extreme Dentistry in Darwin by calling on (08) 8948 1225 or by clicking here.

We can help you get out of pain and be on the recovery from any dental emergency.