Rehabilitation of Tooth Wear

Tooth Wear Darwin

Did you know you can do damage to your teeth by brushing too hard or grinding your teeth?

What is tooth wear? Tooth wear is wear of teeth that is considered worse or more advanced than what is expected normal wear when correlated with the age of the patient. Tooth wear never occurs in isolation. Usually, multiple factors or causes are involved. There are 4 types of wear:

Acid Erosion

High Acid Diet (soft drinks, wine, citrus foods) or from stomach acid regurgitation can cause the teeth to soften and dissolve away.


Wear associated with very heavy tooth brushing or abrasive toothpastes. Such brushing motions, most commonly hurts the necks of the teeth causing extreme sensitivity.


Wearing down of teeth from tooth grinding.


Chipping away of the necks of the teeth from excessive grinding and clenching.

Restore and rejuvenate your smile

As teeth wear, they will start thinning out, develop chips in enamel, become jagged and start feeling very sharp. Prevention or early detection/ management of tooth wear is always better than rehabilitation. The more the teeth wear down, the more complex and extensive the treatment gets.

Rehabilitation of tooth wear is undertaken by:

First, an in-depth assessment of the teeth, the type of wear, dental records and impressions are required for appropriate diagnosis and treatment planning. Then the dentist works on patient awareness and education on tooth wear. Finally, advanced restorative techniques like veneers, crowns, bridges, implants and dentures are used to rehabilitate the teeth.

The results of treatment

The aim of rehabilitation is to restore the function, speech and aesthetics of the teeth so the teeth can be returned to their normal for age appearance or if desired a much younger youthful smile.
Tooth wear, if not treated in a timely manner can proceed to a stage where there is no tooth left except root stumps. We encourage you to visit Dr Anand to get an in-depth assessment of how things are holding up and what you could possibly do to fix this recurring problem