Dentist Near You

Our dental practice has the style and sophistication of a modern practice with warmth, character and a family feel.

When you step into our practice you won’t find any clinical equipment or tools; instead, you’ll be greeted by a relaxed atmosphere, kind, caring staff and the latest in entertainment technology, so you can be entertained while you wait.

Some of the amazing features of our unique practice include:

  • Casual, relaxed atmosphere
  • Full service café in waiting room
  • Immaculate surrounds
  • Plasma television screens
  • Luxurious powder room
  • Italian leather reclining treatment chairs

For more information about us, the technology that we use, or any of our services; please contact Extreme Dentistry today. We look forward to meeting you and becoming friends for life!

Our Fixed for Life Approach

At Extreme Dentistry, we are firm believers in getting in and doing the job right the first time so there is no looking back and we can move forward.
Whenever presented with a dental problem, we will sit down and present to you the diagnosis and the various alternative ways in which the problem can be fixed.

As a general rule, Dr Anand does not bill for redoing work/treatment that didn’t work. Naturally, he has adopted his philosophy of firm diagnosis and management plan so that a high success rate is maintained. Having said that we do acknowledge dental surgery is no different from other medical surgery and so sometimes it may not give the desired results.

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