General Anaesthetic

There is an ever-increasing phobia and anxiety associated with dental surgery, despite the significant advances in technology.

Over time there has been significant advances in dental technology for pain management through local anaesthetics, finer single use needles and our deep understanding of psychology and the behavioural management of the patient.

Despite these advances we find a portion of the population will avoid seeking dental care or dentists like the plague. ” I hate the dentist ” is a common perception among patients. It really hurts the dentist’s ears because they are only out there to help, and yet when the patients often present, this is how the conversation starts.

Dentistry and those delivering the service have been stereotyped as those inflicting pain and suffering and that, in turn, has not helped the unsuspecting young generation who for no reason could develop anxiety and then phobia about visiting their dentist. Phobia could be real and could also be due to past dental experiences or negative events in life.

Taking fear and anxiety out of dentistry

Dr Anand at Extreme Dentistry understands the emotions that the mind may go through when having dental procedures and the anxiety associated with the fear of the unknown or fear of having no control over what goes on in the mouth. Dentistry often does involve minor surgical procedures which involve administering local anaesthesia followed by some form of cutting, and stitching or repairing.

Dentistry happens to be the only field of medicine where the general delivery of invasive treatment is expected to be made under local anaesthetic, while you lay awake in the chair hoping and waiting for completion in a satisfactory manner. Naturally, this is a very anxiety provoking experience and thus the associated ill feelings towards the profession.

A comfortable experience

Our team at Extreme Dentistry go to great lengths to try and change the stigma and stereotype outlook on dentistry. We are real people behind the masks and we also are passionate about the delivery of good comfortable experience for our patients. We want you to receive dental surgery in the most calming and comfortable way. In saying so we have established the Northern Territory’s first general anaesthetic service for the full range of dentistry delivered from our surgery. This service is particularly helpful for those who have a real profound phobia or anxiety associated with dental procedures.

The procedure

You will come to the surgery, be put to sleep by a specialist anaesthetist who keeps you comfortable and free of pain while Dr Anand performs the procedure. Once finished you are woken up, recovered and discharged to go home, much like you would from a day surgery theatre. This general anaesthetic service is also a welcome addition for those who need long surgical procedures like wisdom teeth extractions or multiple dental extractions. It is even an option for difficult root canal therapies, full mouth rehabilitations or a large number of fillings to be achieved in one sitting.Often, we may assess the patient and recommend a general anaesthetic over trying to treat using just local anaesthetic. The general anaesthetic service is often the only way to treat children or those with special needs.

During the procedure, while you are asleep, your dentist will still use local anaesthetic to keep you pain free. They will generally top up your anaesthetic at the completion of the procedure so you are not in pain afterwards. The anaesthetists also use their own special medications that not only allow you to wake up comfortably but extend the pain free, comfortable state to last longer as the pain killers kick in.

Patients treated under general anaesthetic don’t generally encounter the acute heightened pain state after the wearing off of local anaesthetic when they are recovering from general anaesthetic. This is because the drugs the anaesthetist uses, last in the body much longer. The drugs continues to work for up to 48hrs. This allows you a much gentler transition that the sudden wearing off of local anaesthetic and there after reliance on oral pain killers.

Am I eligible for general anaesthetic?

Anaesthetics of any sort whether it be local, regional or general are not free of risks and complications. There are several assessments that need to be made to check and verify if a patient is suitable for receiving anaesthetic. This assessment starts with a full dental examination, establishment of a full medical history, a radiographic assessment of the teeth and the jaws to plan and prepare for a full treatment plan.

There after a facilitation fee is payable if a general anaesthetic procedure is to be booked. Only then can an appointment be set up for an anaesthetist to visit the surgery with Dr Anand and his will team will administer the general anaesthetic. Generally, this service will become available once every month.

Dental Surgery Under General Anaesthetic | Darwin

Is general anaesthetic the right treatment for you? A start is made by first having the initial consultation and discussing your concerns at length with Dr Anand. Book a consultation today!