The Risks of Using DIY TMJ Splints

The Risks of Using DIY TMJ Splints

The internet puts information at our fingertips and it can simplify so many aspects of our lives.

The problem is that the internet and social media can have us believing we can DIY just about anything from whitening our teeth to cutting our hair.

The danger with this it can leave you thinking you can solve any health issues without a professional. But this can end up putting your health at risk. Dentists have been warning people not to do this, especially when it comes to the devices and solutions that are applied to our teeth. TMJ splints are an example of this, as many people figure that they can create their own solution for TMJ disorder.

In this article, we share why DIY TMJ splints do more harm than good.

What Does a TMJ Splint Do?

One of the treatments for TMJ jaw disorder is a splint. This can help to reduce the pain of the disorder. The splint also helps to correct the jaw misalignment that causes the pain and discomfort by slowly moving the jaw into the right position. The patient would wear the splint as prescribed to help solve the malocclusion.

Why You Shouldn’t Use a DIY TMJ Splint

Dental splints and mouth guards need to be prescribed by a dentist because they have the expertise and experience. Every human body is unique and DIY splints aren’t tailored to solve your specific problem.

Splints for malocclusion are always custom-made, which is done by taking a mould or scan of your mouth to get the splint made to exactly fit your jaw, mouth and anatomy. This ensures the treatment has the best chance of working for you.

Splints are often worn at night, while you’re asleep and the last thing you want to have is an ill-fitting DIY splint in your mouth. Splints actively work to realign your jaw, but if it doesn’t fit well or it’s the wrong treatment option, you might make the situation worse.

The bottom line is DIY dental work isn’t a solution. A lot of the treatments need technique and precision, which usually only a dental professional can provide. Instead of trying to solve the issue on your own, get help from a professional.


If you have any questions regarding TMJ disorder treatment options or would like to book in for treatment, contact us at Extreme Dentistry today.

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