SureSmile aligners work just like Invisalign® and are a great clear alternative to traditional metal braces.

SureSmile is a discreet and effective orthodontic solution to straighten your teeth in much of the same way that Invisalign® clear aligners work. Unlike traditional orthodontic techniques like metal braces, SureSmile uses a series of clear aligners that are custom-moulded to the shape of your bite to straighten and move your teeth into their correct position.

How does SureSmile work?

SureSmile uses 3D state-of-the-art-technology to scan your teeth and mouth. Then produces a set of world-class aligners for your mouth. SureSmile’s 3D planning software helps to pinpoint the exact areas that need the most pressure to leave you with a perfect smile. The fabrication process creates a set of aligners that are perfectly matched to the fit and function of your mouth. By developing aligners matched for your mouth, you can be sure your treatment is truly unique.

Once a set of aligners is fabricated from the SureSmile software scan, you will need to wear each set as they gradually shift your teeth into proper position. In this sense, they work just like traditional braces, putting pressure onto your bite to straighten your teeth. However, unlike traditional metal wire braces, these are virtually invisible.

Just like the Invisalign® system, you will need to wear your SureSmile aligners for roughly 20 hours a day to get the maximum effect of the treatment. You’ll generally wear each aligner for up to two weeks at a time before moving onto the next set. This is because each aligner is designed to straighten your teeth at each subsequent stage of your treatment and manage tooth movements as straightening progresses. The total treatment time using the SureSmile technology will depend on your unique case and treatment usually takes from six months to up to two years.

What are the benefits of SureSmile?

Virtually invisible: With a clear design that seamlessly fits onto your teeth, SureSmile aligners are virtually invisible. You can smile loud and proud knowing your aligners are practically undetectable. Unlike traditional orthodontic treatments, you won’t have to worry about wires and bolts showing in your photos.

Removable: As well as being clear, the SureSmile system is completely removable for your convenience. This means that you don’t have to worry about eating your favourite foods or playing your favourite sports with the chance of damaging your orthodontics.

Custom made: Because every SureSmile aligner is tailor-made to the exact dimensions of your mouth and teeth, they are the most comfortable aligner system available. With SureSmile’s treatment, you won’t have to worry about brackets or wires cutting your mouth, in fact, you’ll barely notice they’re there at all.

Better oral health: One of the most important things to remember when undergoing orthodontic treatment is to keep up a strong oral hygiene routine. With traditional braces, food can often get stuck between the wires and your gums throughout the day, forcing you to constantly clean your teeth or worse leaving the food there until you can clean it later. Because SureSmile aligners are easy to remove, you don’t have to ever worry about food getting stuck as brushing and flossing are never obstructed.

Looking after your SureSmile aligners

To make sure you get the best results out of your aligners, it’s important to keep them in top condition. This means having a good oral hygiene routine and keeping up proper aligner maintenance. By keeping both your teeth and your aligners as clean as possible, you’ll be sure to keep them as virtually invisible as the day you got them. There are four key steps to achieving this.

1.    Clean the trays twice a day

Because you’ll be wearing them for over 20 hours each day, you’ll need to clean them as much as you clean your own teeth. Most people clean their aligners at the same time as their teeth. Use a soft brush and specialised cleaning solution to brush the aligners before rinsing them in hot water.

2.    Remove your aligners when eating and drinking

Although aligners are changed after a few weeks, they can still become stained if not cared for properly. Remember to remove your aligners before eating and drinking and to rise your teeth before putting the aligners back in.

3.    Keep your aligners safe and clean

While you’ll be wearing them most of the day, when you don’t have your aligners on, it will be important to keep them in their protective case. This not only keeps them clean but safe from damage too.

4.    Soak the trays

Make sure to soak your aligners in their cleaning solution at least once a week. You will only need to soak them for about half an hour at a time in warm water. Remember not to make the water too hot, as this can misshapen the aligners and adversely affect your treatment.

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